Hero 8 – Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne is a very well-known name. In our world, he’s famous for being Batman –  the World’s Greatest Detective, the Arkham Knight, member of the DC Trinity (the other two being Wonder Woman and Superman). He’s broody and gritty and full of angst and emotionally constipated and badass and just awesome in general. But […]

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Hero 3 – Wonder Woman

Ah, yes, Diana Prince. The world has undergone quite a craze after her movie came out, and, I must say, this lady deserves it. Not only is she an utter badass, but she has a heart of gold. My favorite thing about her, though, is that she don’t take no shit. If you are an […]

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Hero 1 – Dick Grayson

When you think of ‘Robin’, Dick Grayson is usually the first name that comes to mind. He’s the original Boy Wonder, Robin 1.0 – The Golden Boy. But other than how awesomely badass he is, what do you know about him?   Dick Grayson was raised in a circus, and that alone makes him pretty […]

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