Hero 9 – Jane Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)

Okay, so I know a pretty lady in 19th century England isn’t exactly what we think of when talking about heroes.

superhero 9 - Jane Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)

But Jane Bennet was a lot more than just a pretty lady in 19th century England.

Jane Bennet, the elder sister of the main protagonist in Pride and Prejudice, is a very kind, thoughtful, shy, sensitive young lady. No matter what gets thrown her way, Jane handles it with grace and kindness. She always does her best to look on the bright side, and she sees the best in everyone around her, even when they don’t deserve it.

She often inspires admiration and fondness in even those who are prone to disliking others – and those who would look down on her for her social station if she was anyone other than Jane.

superhero 9.1 - Jane Bennet

Even when Caroline Bingley conspires against her and Mr. Darcy pushes the love of her life, Charles Bingley, away from her,  Jane refuses to think ill of them, believing they must have had their reasons. And when Charles Bingley comes back, her love for him convinces her to forgive him for leaving in the first place.

superhero 9.2 - Jane Bennet

While Jane might be a little too forgiving at times, and her refusal to think ill of others is a little naive, it shows she has a good heart. Not everyone can be as kind as Jane, and indeed, maybe not everybody should, be we could all do with being a little bit more like her.

She might not be the main hero of the story, and she might not be the most interesting, but her good heart and genuine concern for others seems pretty hero worthy to me.

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