Hero 8 – Bruce Wayne

superhero 8 - Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne is a very well-known name. In our world, he’s famous for being Batman –  the World’s Greatest Detective, the Arkham Knight, member of the DC Trinity (the other two being Wonder Woman and Superman). He’s broody and gritty and full of angst and emotionally constipated and badass and just awesome in general.

But in the DC universe (well, in all the DC universes), Bruce Wayne is known for being insanely rich. He inherited his ridiculous fortune from his parents, who died when he was a child. They were shot by a thief right in front of him. While the world believes that this event simply turned him into a careless, entitled, very rich playboy, we all know the truth – this event inspired Billionaire Brucie to become one of the most feared and respected vigilantes of all time – nananananana Bat-Man!

I’m convinced that the only reason Batman’s identity wasn’t figured out by the mass public a long time ago is that nobody could possibly believe that Bruce Wayne, the spoiled playboy that he ‘is’, could never be Batman. Actually, I really wish something like this was canon:

superhero 8.1 - Bruce Wayne

I mean, even being Batman, Bruce has some very rich-boy features. For example, the most heinous of all Batman’s crimes, I believe, is a certain eating habit:

superhero 8.2 - Bruce Wayne

It- it just… hurts

But that’s kind of the whole point. Not the burger thing, the Bruce Wayne thing. Nobody thinks he’s got it in him. Nobody thinks he has the ability, the commitment, the discipline. Nobody thinks he has the resolve to risk his pretty face fighting the Joker and Killer Croc and defusing bombs and kicking butt.

But he does. Nobody knows it, but he does.

If Bruce Wayne had let everybody else define his limits, there wouldn’t be a Batman. No Batman means no Robins, no Nightwing, no Batwoman, probably no Justice League, and a heck of a lot of other accomplishments – not to mention the utter chaos that would have ensued had Batman not been there to fight all those crazy villains Gotham suffers from.

What are you capable of? What does no one think you can do? Are they right?

Who determines your limits? If you let everyone else judge your ability to succeed, our world just might miss out on our next Batman. Don’t let that happen. Go be Batman.

Go be Bruce Wayne.

superhero 8.3 - Bruce Wayne

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