Hero 7 – Peter Parker

superhero 7 - Peter ParkerHilarious, smart, and super badass – no matter what version you’re watching, Peter Parker is always awesome. The story is almost always the same: gets bit, uses his awesomeness for petty things, watches his uncle die, realizes that ‘great power comes with great responsibility’, and, Bob’s your Uncle, we’ve got a superhero on our hands.

There are lots of reasons why people love Spiderman. His origin story is the kind that makes you feel like anything’s possible, that anyone can be a hero, and that just because you aren’t born powerful doesn’t mean you can’t become that way (gee, that reminds me of a certain Captain…).

There’s also Peter himself. Peter never loses his nerdiness, and his big brain helps him solve lots of problems, stressing to the audience that brain often is just as important as brawn. Many of Spidey’s villains prove this to be true as well. But he’s also just plain hilarious, and that makes him fun to watch. I mean, this guy once beat the Hulk by telling him a joke so funny the Hulk became Bruce Banner so he could laugh at it.

superhero 7.1 - Peter Parker

Then, of course, there’s the powers. I mean, who doesn’t want to be able to crawl on walls, stand on the ceiling, sense danger before it’s there, and have super strength, reflexes, and agility? Add in his home-made webbing that lets him fly through the air in New York and catch bad guys in webs like a spider catches flies, and this guy really does have it all.

Spidey’s a good, wholesome, likeable dude who makes friends with just about every hero that crosses his path and is respected by many villains. When times get tough, Spidey is just as hilarious and well-intentioned as always. That ability alone is something special (especially since I can’t remember him ever having worked a customer service job, so that’s all just him being him).

Whatever the reason you like him, Peter Parker is a hero, through and through. He’s a badass, pure and simple, and with great power comes great responsibility.

superhero 7.2 - Peter Parker

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