Hero 6 – Stiles Stilinski (Teen Wolf TV Show)

superhero 6.9 - Stiles StilinskiOh Stiles… He’s a weirdo, I know, but he’s also one of the most inspiring characters in the entire Teen Wolf TV Show.

Stiles is human. And he’s pretty much one of the only ones. Though almost everyone in the show starts out human, Stiles is one of two teen protagonists that stay that way. His best friend turns into a werewolf, the girl he’s in love with becomes a banshee, a bunch of other kids become werewolves, there’s this one kitsune chick, etc., etc.

The only other character that’s actually human the whole time is Allison Argent. Then again, she’s not really your average human either. She was raised in a family of monster hunters –  though she didn’t know it – and grew up learning to shoot arrows and just generally being a badass. Her whole family are full of badasses, really (though more than half of them are utter jerkwads), and she is able to learn a lot from them throughout the series.

superhero 6.8 - Stiles Stilinski

Stiles, though, is not that fortunate. He was not raised to have badass skills with a bow and arrow. His awesome family consists of himself, his sheriff single father, and you could sort of count his best friend and his single mother.

superhero 6.2 - Stiles Stilinski

Stiles is repeatedly outmatched. Well, really he’s constantly outmatched. No matter what he does, there is almost always someone who does it better. He is always getting beat up.

superhero 6.3 - Stiles Stilinski.gif

His badassery is limited to a baseball bat.

superhero 6.4 - Stiles Stilinski.gif

And he’s good at snooping on his Sheriff father.

superhero 6.5 - Stiles Stilinski

But no matter what this guys goes through (getting beat up, getting possessed, friends leaving, friends dying, watching people he cares about get hurt, getting attacked by some creature like literally every week, betrayal, etc.), he never gives up. And in addition to being the awesomest, funniest dude in the whole show, he also has the most selfless heart. On more than one occasion he has been willing to die for his friends.

superhero 6.7 - Stiles Stilinski

Now that makes a hero. Not having powers or badass skills. It’s the heart that counts.

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