Hero 4 – Star Lord

Do you ever wake up in the morning and just not want to do anything ever again? Do you look at the workout clothes you set out last night and groan as you flop back on your pillow, fighting the desire to reset your alarm clock for when you actually need to get up for work so you can get a few more Zzzzs? Do you decide, “You know what, I’m probably never actually going to go to China, so I can skip practicing Mandarin today. I mean, it’s only one day, right?” Do you ever have just one quart glass of chocolate milk instead of going for the water?

Ugh, tell me about it.

Okay, so maybe your morning woes aren’t quite that specific. Maybe you’re just tired. Or sore. Maybe you just hate running and you hate mornings so trying to deal with both at the same time is the bane of your existence. Maybe you would commit murder to get out of doing push ups or to avoid that essay you have to write for college or to ignore all the paperwork piling up at work.

Maybe you think, “I’m not meant for this,” or “It’s not my thing.” Who knows? Maybe it isn’t your thing…

Then again, being a hero wasn’t exactly Peter Quill’s thing either.


superhero 4 - Star Lord

Peter was a scavenger. He ran across the universe stealing things and selling them for money. He was raised that way, and he saw no reason to stop.

Then the world was in danger, and he had to save it. He didn’t necessarily want to. It wasn’t his thing, after all. He liked being a sort of anti-hero, and the galaxy that needed saving hadn’t exactly been his best buddy either. But he knew it needed to be done. He knew that he could do it, and the only thing stopping him would be himself.

superhero 4.1 - Star Lord

Just because it isn’t “your thing” doesn’t mean it isn’t the thing to do.

So what’s stopping you? What’s keeping you from achieving awesomeness? Yourself?

superhero 4.2 - Star Lord

Well then ‘yourself’ doesn’t know what it’s talking about. You can totally do this.

You can do anything.

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