Hero 2 – Steve Rogers (Pre-Serum)

superhero 2 - Steve Rogers (Post Serum)

Being a hero is about more than just having muscles and the ability to kick bad guy butt. Steve Rogers proves this over and over again with his other wonderful hero traits. His moral rectitude, determination to put others first, and his kindness have put him on a level all his own. He’s basically Marvel’s Superman (without the over-powered part, that is).

In addition to his winning personality, Steve has many other skills that help him win all his battles. For example, he canonically speaks 7 languages (6 more than me, whoa). His intellect in general is pretty fantastic, too.

What’s more is that he didn’t get all that intellect just from the serum:

Instead of rushing in head first and scrambling like everyone else, Steve thought through the problem and came up with not only the smartest plan, and not only the plan that required the least amount of work, but also the only plan that worked.

superhero 2.2 - Steve Rogers (Pre Serum)

His intelligence isn’t the only thing that pre-dates the Super -Soldier Serum either. Steve was always the guy who stood up for what’s right. He was always the guy who tried to fight for a woman’s honor or to stop a bully. He might not have won those fights, but that didn’t keep him from trying again the next day.

And that’s really what made Steve Rogers a hero. Not the muscles, not the uniform. Not the serum or name. You can’t make a hero. You can only enhance what’s already there.

superhero 2.3 - Steve Rogers (Pre Serum)

If you want to be a hero, don’t forget the most important part. Heroes are good.

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