We Are Go.

I’m Ra-Ra. I’m 18. I’m overweight. The only thing I’m involved in is Tumblr. I have a ridiculous addiction to chocolate milk.

Last month I weighted 180 lbs. Today I weigh 171.2 lbs.

Two months ago I only weighed 160 lbs.

I never really exercise. I don’t eat right. I don’t accomplish anything other than getting my school assignments in on time for college. I go to church and I go to work and every now and then I go see a movie with my grandparents.

I’ve been motivated before. I’ve worked out before. I’ve eaten right before. I’ve gotten out of the house and actually done things before. But the problem is that I never stick with it. The motivation dies out. Then I forget or get busy. Or I pretend I forgot or I pretend I was busy…

But I’m kind of getting tired of that. I mean, what if the zombie apocalypse came and I couldn’t outrun the zombies because I wasn’t properly motivated to train before they showed up? What if my country gets attacked Red Dawn style? What if the Titans actually come and destroy our civilization???

Attack on Titan

I love movies. And tv shows. And comics. And anime. And… well, you get the picture. When I watch the protagonist save the day, I always find myself wondering, “Could I have done that?” Could I have stepped up to the plate and done what needed to be done? Would I have been strong enough? Would I have been intelligent enough? Would I have been motivated enough?

Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have lasted very long at all.

But I’m done being a civilian. I’m in training now. Because I can be a hero, if I work hard enough.

The only thing is, I kind of tend to give up. Quit. Get burned out. Decide it isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be and try something else.

So I need to be able to renew my motivation. Like, every day. Because what got me off the couch yesterday, won’t necessarily work today.

You know what motivates me? What inspires me?

Heroes. Comic book heroes, movie protagonists, teenagers in some tv show doing things that teenager shouldn’t actually probably be doing, real life people doing awesome things that I can’t imagine doing myself.

Every day I’ll need knew motivation. A new superhero to inspire me to action.

Yesterday, I was a civilian. Tomorrow, I’ll be a hero. Today?

Today, I’m in training.

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