Hero 1 – Dick Grayson

superhero 1.1 - nightwingWhen you think of ‘Robin’, Dick Grayson is usually the first name that comes to mind. He’s the original Boy Wonder, Robin 1.0 – The Golden Boy.

But other than how awesomely badass he is, what do you know about him?


Dick Grayson was raised in a circus, and that alone makes him pretty awesome, with all his flips and what not. None of the other Robins could ever compete with his acrobatics and flexibility, which are totally #goals.

superhero 1.2 - nightwing



Isn’t he super cool?





superhero 1.4 - nightwing



Like seriously, just look at him.



He’s an orphan. He legit watched his parents fall to their deaths from a trapeze. He lost a younger brother in the form of Jason Todd. He’s the only Robin that the Joker was never able to break (dang, son). He grew up to be a super awesome, kickass crime fighter who was so highly trusted by other heroes that he’s only surpassed by Superman.

He’s human, and he’s suffered human losses. Lost fights, lost family, lost friends.

superhero 1.5 - nightwingBut nothing broke him. And he never gave up. And he keeps fighting. He loves his family, he fights for his friends, and he saves the world while he’s at it.


Guys, I know, it’s hard to get with it, and even harder to stick with it.

superhero 1.6 - nightwing


But if this little weirdo can be so awesome,

superhero 1.7 - nightwing

So Can You.

superhero 1.8 - nightwing

I was whelmed until I got traught and crashed the mode. Now I’m feeling the aster and you can be as chalant as you like with me because I’m turbed. Noted: I’m in renial.

-credits to nat-attack4 on deviantart



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